Letters to Ollie's New Superintendent

EdLeader21 CEO Ken Kay was a guest blogger at last year, in a series that shared advice with his grandson Ollie‚Äôs new superintendent in her journey to prepare Ollie and his classmates for life in the 21st century. › download

OECD Test for Schools Implementation Toolkit

With the support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, EdLeader21 has developed a free toolkit to support the use of the OECD Test for Schools to advance school and district transformation. This toolkit focuses on how to interpret results and tie them to school and district-based improvements for deeper learning. The toolkit includes recommendations for action and case studies from schools across the country. › download

Parent Outreach Toolkit

This parent outreach toolkit is designed to help you begin the conversation with parents about your 21st century education initiative. This toolkit includes an a primer on 21st century competencies, a resource guide on 21st century education for parents, a customizable outreach letter and agenda for a meeting with parents and an accompanying draft presentation. › download

4Cs and Instruction Resources

This guide includes resources for the 4Cs related to instruction and supporting teachers. › download

Resource Guide for 21st Century Education

This guide includes resources that can help you better understand important aspects of why the 21st century is demanding new capabilities for our young people and what we can do to better prepare our students for the realities they are likely to face. It is organized into two sections: general materials on 21st century education and some materials on specific 21st century competencies. › download

Community Stakeholder Toolkit

This Community Outreach Toolkit will help you establish better connections with a wide range of community groups to support your 21st century education initiatives. This toolkit includes an outreach letter and agenda for meeting with community groups, a set of "engagement questions", a list of resources, and a draft PowerPoint presentation. › download

Self-Direction Resource Guide

Developed in collaboration with EdLeader21 members, this resource document includes a definition for self-direction, along with suggested readings, tools and resources that focus on the skill. › download

EdLeader21 Webinar: Creating Makers

Dale Dougherty is the founding editor and publisher of MAKE Magazine and Maker Faire. The maker movement combines a DIY sensibility that we can learn just about anything with new tools for personal fabrication along with a growing community of connected makers. This movement is attracting young people who are becoming enthusiastic makers themselves, creating new projects that combine the practices of making with science and technology. › view now

The Four Cs: Making 21st Century Education Happen

This video shows the 4Cs (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication) are being implemented in three parts of the country. › view now

The Role of Leaders in 21st Century Education

If there is one factor that distinguishes successful 21st century schools and districts it is strong leadership. While individual teachers can adopt the practices of 21st century classroom, the real impact on students is if an entire school and district embraces and works toward the same vision. We partnered with the Pearson Foundation to produce a video on "The Role of Leaders in 21st Century Education." › view now

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